Pastor's Corner

A Man of Hope and Faith

Pastor Esau Vance has been walking in God’s favor and faith for forty plus years as a husband, father, deacon and servant of God at Mt. Olive Pentecostal Church. He is an anointed and fiery preacher who speaks in love, with power, and convictions and under the authority of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation. Elder Vance has been preaching God’s message of salvation with compassion and uncompromising truths, that is unmatched by many of his contemporaries since 2005.

His faith, love, courage, and compassion for God’s people are evident by the degree to which he will go in order to serve the saints and his fellow man in the ministry. And as senior pastor of Mt. Olive Pentecostal Church, Elder Vance has worked untiringly in nearly every department within his local church over the last forty years.

Elder Vance served as the President of the Worcester Black Clergy Alliance for two consecutive terms, he currently serves on the Police and Clergy Partnership Executive Committee, as well as co-chairs the Police and Clergy Partnership Alliance. He is also civilly engaged with Worcester local officials with the issues that face every major metropolitan city in the United States.

Also, at the district level of his church, Elder Vance has served as assistant Superintendent of the Sunday School Department for the New England District (N.E.D.). He is currently serving as President of the Board of Elders for the N.E.D. and he also served a four-year term on the Coalition Against Bias and Hate Crimes Task Force for the city of Worcester by city Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr. He also serves as a Dean for the Open Bible Institute of New England.

Elder Esau Vance has a unique style of teaching and preaching with great interest and focuses on faith, obedience, and hope for God’s people. He has a holistic approach to the word of God by ministering to the mind, body, soul, and spirit of man. And Elder Vance’s lives by the biblical principle that says, “My sheep know my voice and a stranger they will not follow.” He is saved and he received the baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues in 1975 and was ordained a deacon that same year.

Elder Vance holds two bachelors’ degrees, two masters’ degrees, an advance diploma in biblical studies, a doctorate degree in pastoral counseling, and is currently pursuing a second doctorate degree; he holds a certificate in Biblical preaching, and many other diplomas and certificates in religious and academic studies. Elder Vance is the proud husband of First Lady Lucille Vance, four wonderful daughters and five grand-children. And he welcomes all to come and join him and First Lady at 11:00 AM every Sunday in a fiery praise and worship service where the uncompromising word of God is preached weekly. Come!